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Drone Surveys and Inspections West Midlands

Whether you’re a part of the construction Industry or an individual seeking aerial imagery services, such as property managers, developers, project managers, surveyors, or home buyers, we’ve got you covered.

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Conducting roof surveys at elevated heights using human personnel can incur high costs, pose significant risks, and consume valuable time.

In contrast, the utilisation of drone technology for roof surveys has demonstrated its prowess in enhancing safety, expediting processes, and reducing expenses.

By effortlessly ascending to the required heights, drones capture high-resolution images and videos, enabling a precise assessment of roof conditions. This approach ensures the evaluator’s safety from ground level, whether appraising a modest two-bedroom terraced residence or a sprawling commercial rooftop.

Aerial Including Thermographic Surveys from BINDT Accredited, UK Thermography Association Members

Our cutting-edge drone fleet, boasting top-tier equipment and high-resolution sensors, is primed to capture impeccably clear aerial visuals of your assets. This enables our skilled Surveyors to compile comprehensive and precise condition/advisory reports.

With a track record dating back to 2020, BTS has excelled in various drone survey techniques. From roofing assessments to construction progress tracking, facade surveys, safety evaluations of lofty suspended structures, and beyond, we’ve undertaken diverse projects.

Our credentials speak for themselves: fully BINDT accredited and certified as professional drone operators and fully insured.

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